if i look back, i am lost

↳ rose. '89. adrift.


PSYCHED OUT /// (LISTEN HERE) ► some of my fav 70s songs bc dazed and confused got me goin’ (n’ i’d rather live as a trippy hippie)

  1. dancing queen by ABBA
  2. don’t go breaking my heart (ft. kiki dee) by elton john
  3. never can say goodbye by gloria gaynor
  4. live and let die by wings
  5. love hurts by nazareth
  6. maybe i’m amazed by paul mccartney
  7. rhiannon by fleetwood mac
  8. tiny dancer by elton john
  9. you’re the one that i want from grease
  10. don’t stop ‘till you get enough by michael jackson
  11. brand new key by melanie
  12. lola by the kinks
  13. heart of glass by blondie
  14. don’t stop me now by queen
  15. one of these nights by the eagles
  16. dazed and confused by led zeppelin
  17. le freak by chic
  18. just my imagination (running away with me) by the temptations
  19. going to california by led zeppelin
  20. sing for the moment by aerosmith
  21. if i can’t have you by yvonne elliman
  22. lowrider by war
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to the amazing lukevanss 

I have crossed many mountains and many rivers, and trodden many plains, ever into the far countries of Rhûn and Harad where the stars are strange.”

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