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Here’s an Otocolobus manulnature’s Grumpy Cat — discovering a camera trap outside it’s den. Camera traps are used by biologists to lean about rare animals’ behavior, abundance, and health — just by setting up a solar-powered camera with a motion trigger. No physical trapping necessary.

O. manul (also known as Pallas’s cat) is about the size of a house cat, but you’ll notice has round pupils instead of slits. It lives in western China and the steppes of Central Asia.

You’d think that Pallas’s cat would rule the internet by now - but there aren’t too many photos of them because they are both rare and shy. The IUCN lists them as near-threatened. Just another reason to support species conservation!

You can see the whole video — posted Scarce Worldwidehere.

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Found a perfect spot to escape the afternoon sun.

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Snowdonia, Wales (by Mark A Lacey)

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hank perry photographs a mother grizzly bear and her triplets in alaska’s katmai national park. describing the shoot, he noted, “the tide was out, the sand was blowing, and the wind had some rain in it — not perfect for photography.”

"two hours elapsed as we waited and the cubs played, while their mom dug hundreds of clams up. after nursing the cubs while keeping a watchful eye on both us and her surroundings, but feeling comfortable with us, she bed them down for a nap, shielding them from the wind, rain, and flooding tide for a brief moment of rest."

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Inspiration (by Tim Ennis)

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northern lights, Tam_11

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Luca Biolcati Rinaldi, White imposing

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