if i look back, i am lost

↳ rose. '89. adrift.
x   crystal reed       
x   Crystal Reed       
x   crystal reed       

My personal style is eclectic, I would say. I always like to mix and match things. 

x   crystal reed       x   i'd like to mix and match you with holland       x   i mean what       
x   crystal reed       x   MARRY ME       
x   crystal reed       x   urgh marry me!!!!!11       

Teen Wolf Panel @ Comic Con.

x   teen wolf cast       x   colton haynes       x   holland roden       x   crystal reed       x   tyler hoechlin       
x   teen wolf cast       x   tyler hoechlin       x   dylan o'brien       x   tyler posey       x   crystal reed       


We know we’re not the first wolf show on TV. But we’re definitely the most fun.

x   teen wolf cast       x   baaaaaaaaabies       x   you all get tags!       x   tyler hoechlin       x   dylan o'brien       x   colton haynes       x   crystal reed       x   holland roden       x   tyler posey       
x   crystal reed       x   marry me