if i look back, i am lost

↳ rose. '89. adrift.

    Neeta Lulla Haute Couture

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The Art of Staying Aloft: a photo series by Gloria Wilson of Small Mysteries.

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Vikings Characters Minimalist Posters
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to the amazing lukevanss 

I have crossed many mountains and many rivers, and trodden many plains, ever into the far countries of Rhûn and Harad where the stars are strange.”

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omg i absolutely lost it at the midway mark this is glorious.

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all because of you
i haven’t slept in so long
when i do i dream of drowning in the ocean
longing for the shore where i can lay my head down
i’ll follow your voice
all you have to do is shout it out

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“In California, a police officer who ejaculated on a woman he’d detained at a traffic stop -and threatened to arrest her if she took action against him- was let off even after admitting what he’d done. Why? Well, the victim was a stripper on her way home from work. In officer David Alex Park’s 2007 trial, Park’s defense attorney argued that the woman “got what she wanted” and that she was “an overtly sexual person”. The jury (composed of one woman and eleven men) found Park not guilty on all counts.
Similarly, a judge in Philadelphia ruled that a sex worker whom multiple men had raped at gunpoint hadn’t been raped at all -she’d just been robbed. The victim, a twenty-year-old woman, who’d worked for an escort service and obtained clients via Craigslist, had agreed to certain sexual acts with the defendant for a set amount of money. But he lured her to an abandoned piece of property and pulled a gun -then more men started showing up. When a fifth man was invited to assault her, he instead helped her get dressed and leave because he saw that she was crying. But municipal judge Teresa Carr Deni insisted that what happened to this woman wasn’t rape -it was “theft of services”.
“I thought rape was a terrible trauma,” Deni told a Philadelphia Daily News columnist. “[A case like this] minimized true rape cases and demeans women who are really raped.”
Women who are “really” raped. You can’t get much clearer than that -a sex worker just doesn’t classify as one of these victims.”

— Jessica Valenti - The Purity Myth (via communistmanipesto)

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Decoupage, a cut-up technique. Take a bit of text, cut it up, randomize it, make new text. See new patterns…

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But of all Roman things, these are the most precious. Tales of the Ceasar’s. The fall and ruin of Roman Britain. Tales of emperors and empires… It’s the stuff of dreams, Athelstan. It’s the very fabric of dreams. 

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